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jester.jpg            MugsyWilly.JPG

Rachel's Easter and baby Jester sleeping--4/1/05.            Rhonda's Mugsy kissing baby Willy (foaled 4/4/05)

Holly4-3.JPG        Sandy4-4.JPG

Lois' Holly foaled 4/3/05.                                                    Lois' Sandy foaling 4/4/05

Brittany40605.JPG            Luann4-8.JPG

Colt born 4/6/05 owned by Brittany.                                  Luann's Jasmine foaled 4/8/05.

Tammy4-10.JPG               Karen4-13.JPG

Tammy's colt foaled 4/10/05.                                           Oops, missed!  Karen's colt born 4/13/05.

Buck1.jpg        Bailey1.jpg

Jennifer's colt born 4/26/05.                                            Luann's colt born 5/1/05.

Tiffany4-05.JPG        allison5-05.JPG

Tiffany's foal born 4/30/05                                                Allison's colt born 5/4/05

colt5-8-05.jpg        Kelly51005.JPG

Sharon's colt born 5/8/05                                                Kelly Ann's colt born 5/10/05

raja046.jpg        Kassie52205.JPG

Kristen's filly born 5/18/05                                              Kassie's colt born 5/22/05

Tasha4605.jpg        Tasha60505.JPG

Tasha's foal born 5/6/05                                                 Tasha's foal at three weeks

          Tonya5-21.JPG                  Amber5-24.JPG

          Tonya's filly born 5/21/05                                      Amber's colt born 5/24/05

     Tessa.JPG           Teren.JPG

    Cathy's fily, Tessa, born 5/24/05                         Teren's colt born 5/26/05

Galen5-16.JPG      Sharon141.JPG

Frank's twin filly and colt mules born 5/16/2005             Sharon's filly born in Israel on 6/19/05

           Lynn7105.JPG                 image002.jpg

           Lynn's colt born on 7/1/05                                     Sharon's filly born 6/6/05

 pocobaby4.jpg        DSCN1427.jpg

  Melissa's filly born 6/11/05                                             Patty's colt born 6/18/05

Carole.jpg         Jim70805.JPG

Carole's colt born 6/12/05                                                Jim's filly born 7/8/05


Julie's filly born 7/13/05