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Dixie-small.jpg                         Twins2.jpg

This is my dog, Dixie. She loves new foals!                                    Twin filly and colt--1993.

 pic005.jpg                newbab.JPG

Bonnie & baby Cassi (foaled 1/31/05) owned by Marcie            Filly born 3/5/05 owned by Luann

100_0594.JPG                  Dbaby.JPG

Colt born 3/2/05 owned by Judy                                                     Colt born 3/9/05 owned by Moises


Ides.JPG    Gypsy.jpg

Ides--Filly owned by Barb foaled March 8, 2005.                    Twin colts owned by Leann born February 25, 2005.

paint.JPG   Victoria.JPG

Filly born 3/16/05 owned by Karen.                                     Twin fillies owned by Victoria born on 2/28/05.

sopbab.jpg    Image11.jpg

Colt born 3/24/05 owned by Jen.                                         Glory (surviving twin) born 3/10/05 owned by Karen.

DSC01323.jpg    FillyGetup.jpg

Colt born 3/26/05 owned by Luann.                                      Filly born 3/29/05 owned by Danielle.

DSCN0058.jpg              photo1.JPG

Windy, born 3/26/05, owned by Melody.                            Comet, born in March 2005 and owned by Nancy.

LilDo-03.jpg         100_0918.jpg

Colt born 3/28/05 owned by Karen                                     Filly born 3/31 owned by Tana.