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Thank you for visiting the home of the "Complete Foaling Manual." I hope your stay is enjoyable and informative. It's hard to believe that the book has been in print for so many years and that I have been doing the advice column for so long. I have so enjoyed communicating with people about their mares and foals in nearly all 50 states, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Taiwan, Egypt, and more. It is truly humbling that so many mare owners have written to say how the book and column have helped them. I feel extremely privileged to have played even a small role in the care of these wonderful animals!

You will find easy book ordering on the "Order Manual" page. On the "Submit Question" page, you are welcome to submit questions to me about your pregnant mares and/or new foals. Please click on the "Q&A" areas to visit the Advice Column for questions asked and answered. A new, exciting addition will be the "Photo Gallery" of new babies belonging to people who have written to the advice column. Keep checking back for new updates!

Happy Foaling! 

Theresa Jones

Author--"Complete Foaling Manual"